Function rooms are available every day for meetings, parties, funerals etc.

Function Room Questions & Answers

Q. How many people does the room hold?

A. The main function room is licensed to hold 100 people during functions.

Q. How much is the room to hire?

A. The cost of hiring the function room is £50. **Price may vary on special occasions (NEW YEARS EVE ETC)**

Q. What Size (dimensions) is the room?

A. The room size is 20ft x 40ft.


Q. What functions/parties are permitted?

A. The room is available for all functions including Birthday parties (16th, 21st, 40th etc), weddings & funerals etc.


Q. What about a DJ? Can I arrange my own DJ/Singer/Band etc or can the Club provide this?

A. The club has no resident DJ.  However, we are happy to pass on the details of a DJ who has proved very popular in the past.  Krazy Karl's Karaoke have worked here extensively in the past and our observations are that Karl has left his audience very satisfied.  We believe his rates are very competitive too.  Karls Number is: 07919 912 168. 


Q. My DJ/Band has asked me can he route his equipment through your speaker system?

A. Unfortunately this is not possible as our system is not designed for or capable of accepting the required Disco input.


Q. Can I see the room before I decide to book?

A. Yes.  In fact, we strongly advise this.  The room is available for viewing from 1pm until 9pm every day.


Q. If we like the room how do we go about booking it?

A. Bookings can only be accepted & confirmed on receipt of the full £50, without exception. 


Q. Are there any booking restrictions or conditions?

A. Unfortunately, because of previous incidents with unruly teenagers at 18th & 21st parties we insist on a 'Damage Guarantee Bond 'for 18th's, 21st's etc.


Q. What about catering.  Do I have to use my own caterers?

A. We have no resident catering team so it is neccesary to arrange your own catering.  You are free to use our kitchen area for storing & warming food etc.


Q. Are our guests allowed access to the main Club rooms, for example the main games room to watch Sport on TV?

A. Guests over 18 are allowed access to all areas of the club, although our Snooker Table is for Members only.


Q. We want to decorate the room in advance of our function.  Is this possible?

A. You are free to decorate the room from any time during our normal opening hours.  However, we request that you do not affix objects to the walls with pins/nails etc, as this damages the decor & wallpaper.


Q. We have heard there is a 'smaller' function room.  Is this true?

A. 'The Groves Suite' is a small room that has previously been used for meetings and small personal gatherings of up to 40 people.  There are no facilities for a D.J or similar in The Groves Suite.  The pictures at the bottom of this page show a small 60th Birthday Party.  The cost of booking The Groves Suite is £20.  


Q. Is there anything else we should know before booking?

A1. This is a licensed establishment which means that only drinks purchased on these premises are to be be consumed.  Therefore,  It is strictly prohibited to bring your own drinks onto our premises and we do occasionally carry out checks to ensure that this is not the case.  If it is evident that this rule has been flouted we reserve the right to cancel the function immediately and without notice.

A2. Children or guests under 18 years old are NOT allowed to roam freely around the club.  All youngsters must be supervised closely by responsible adults in the function room.

A3. It is the responsibility of the person who books and pays for the function room to ensure that their guests behave in a correct & proper manner.

A4. It is expected that the person booking the room will make the necessary provision for removing all waste & rubbish associated with your function.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01942 883067